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Green Barley Juice


   Green Barley is a good source of all nutrients

Suitable For People Who Suffer From Most Of These SYMPTOMS/ILLNESSES

Barley Rub Healing Ointment



Effective in the following;

         Numbness,  back pain, headache, lice, tumors, rheumatism, athritis, gastritis, cold, musclepain, difficulty breathing, dizzy, insect bites, stiff neck, varicose, wound with pus, knee pain, cramps, painful abdomen, athletes foot, itching dog, bruises, hemorrhoids, pimples, dandruff, tripped.




New improve Detox cleansing,,,

Effective in the following;

1. Constipation

2. Stomach Pain

3. High Blood

4. Diabetes

5. Uric Acids

6. Kidney

7. Urinary Bladder

8. Infections

9. Liver Diseases

10. Prostate Enlargement

11. Menstrual Problem

12. Carcinoma

13. Blood Toxic

14. Snake and Dog Bites

15. Hearth and Lungs Diseases

16. Insomnia

17. Back Pain

18. Arthritic Pain

19.Herpes Zoster 

20. Psoriasis..




New Improve MELTER,,,


Effective in the following;

1. Tumor

2. Polyps

3. Inplamation

4. Pains

5. Uric Acids deposit 

6. Arthritis

7. Rheumatism

8. Cysts

9. Diabetes

10. Goiter 

11. Cancers

Barley Plus    

New Improve Barley Plus,,



Has a complete Vitamins and Minerals that Strengthens body resistance,provides energy and mental nutrition,Best supplement for

1. Memory Problem

2. Hypertension

3. Diabetes

4. Kidney infections

5. Gallbladder stones

6. Liver problem

7. Skin Allergies

8. Growth Problem

9. Menstrual an Menopausal problem

10. Prostate problem

11. Anemic

12. Malnutrition

13. Gastric Ulcer

14. Heart Palpitation



Coco Derma Cream

New Improve Coco Derma Cream,,

Effective in the following

For Skin Healing,,

1. Pimples

2. Skin Allergies

3. Eczema

4. Insect bites

5. Herpes Zoster

6. Irritation and Skin Asthma

7. Psoriasis and Other Skin Diseases...


Better Vision [EYE DROP]

New Improve Better Vision,,

 Effective in the following;

1. Cleans and Refresh the Eyes

2. Good for Cataracts

3. Ptyregium

4. Cloudy and Blurred Vision

5. Sore Eyes and Other infection...

Barley Healing Oil

New Improve Barley Healing oil,,

Effective in the following;

1. Headache

2. Against pain

3. Abdominal pain

4. Body Pain

5. Hemorrhoids

6. Dandruff 7. lice

8. Boil

9. Katikati

10. Tumor

11. Cyst

12. Insect bites

13. Toothache

14. Hip pain

15. Numbness

ANTI-DENGUE Lemon Grass Oil

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